Season starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

Open daily from 9AM to 4:30 PM, last cut at 5PM.

Farm vs Lot

We are a Christmas tree farm. All the trees that we sell are grown on the property and maintained by the farmers living on the farm throughout the year. We do not cut the trees until they are ready to be taken home. Trees that are not cut this year, will be available next year.

We are not a Christmas tree lot. A Christmas tree lot receives trees from other locations, often times other states. Lots are often times open at night when parking lots have lights.

We do not have exterior lighting on the farm. It is not possible to navigate or choose a tree after closing time. We will not cut a tree after 5PM, no exception!

The Hunt...

Wander our farm and find your tree. We will cut it for you, as fresh as it can be. We use a hand saw to cut most trees for a more traditional and peaceful experience provided the trunk is not too large. If you would like to cut your own tree, please let us know and we can help make that possible.

We are more than happy to haul and wrap your tree for easy handling, free of charge. We can only wrap trees that fit in our wrappers!

Sorry, we do not deliver trees and can not tie trees onto cars. Please be prepared to tie your own tree if necessary. We can provide twine, but suggest you bring a more substantial means of fastening your tree safely and easily, such as rope or ratchet straps.

Bring the whole family and enjoy a walk through the trees to find the perfect tree for everyone. Tag one for another day or take it home with you when you find it.

Tagging - Reserving Trees

Tagging begins in October. You can choose your tree and reserve it starting in October. We may not be available at all times before the cutting season, so you may want to email first. trees@svtf.com.

When tagging, you can attach a tag with your name and phone number to the tree. I will not sell your tree to someone else. Sometimes tags are removed by people or fall off during harsh weather. If this happens we do our best to make things right.

You do not pay for the tree when you tag it, only when you cut it and take it home.

If you tag a tree and later realize you do not need the tree, please contact us and let us know your name so we can remove the tag from the tree and make it available to others.

Tree Varieties

Douglas Fir

Hundreds of options ranging from a few feet to upwards of thirty feet.

Pseudotsuga menziesii: Native to western North America. Evergreen conifer, also known as Oregon pine or Douglas Spruce. Douglas fir have dark green, soft, 1 to 1.5 inch long, fragrant needles. Douglas fir are the more bushy variety.

White Fir

Very limited numbers remaining.

Abies concolor: Native to western North America. Lighter in color than the Douglas Fir. Branches form in rows, making a more terraced and open look. Careful when you carry these one! Pitch pockets on the trunk might rupture.

Noble Fir

Only very small noble firs are available, we are no longer planting this variety.

Abies procera Rehd: Stiff branches with upturned needles. Great keepability. Beautiful trees.

On occasion we have tree stands available for purchase. We do not create wooden stands for the trees.


Sunshine Valley Tree Farm is a managed farm. We do our best to mitigate obstacles that could present trip hazards. It is not possible to eliminate all obstacles from a farm. These obstacles include rocks, sticks, trees, stumps, shaders, bushes, gopher holes, hills, dirt, mud and more. Please wear appropriate attire for walking in such conditions. Always pay attention to where you are walking. Only when you are stopped should you look at a potential tree. Trails go through all sections, there are far fewer obstacles in the trails. Please use trails wherever possible to move about the farm.


We welcome dogs on a leash. Please clean up after your pets and try to prevent them from relieving themselves on the Christmas trees, I have to get under them to cut them down! Please do not interact with other peoples pets. You are responsible for damages caused by your dog to our property or other customer's property.

Tree Care

To ensure that your tree lasts for the entire Christmas season, please checkout some tree care tips.